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Fredy Girardet

Frédy Girardet, a famous Swiss native chef known for his nouvelle French cooking and counted amongst the greatest 20st century chefs was born on 17 November, 1936 in Lausanne to a cook and bistro owner father.

Professional Life of Chef Frédy Girardet

Frédy Girardet,who was an avid athletic and a soccer player at the amateur association football organization, apprenticed in the Lausanne restaurant Le Grand Chêne. His first inspiration to become a chef came when he went for a wine buying tour at Burgundy for the sake of his father’s restaurant and had the chance to dine in one of best known restaurants. After his father’s unexpected death at 56, Frédy Girardet took over the restaurant and moved beyond the classic cooking style to more experimental, innovative and lighter nouvelle cuisine.

Achievements by Chef Frédy Girardet

  • The self named Michelin 3 starred restaurant of Frédy Girardet, located in Switzerland’s Crissier has often been called the world’s best restaurant and because of his extreme dedication to his restaurant, many called him the world’s greatest chef, before his retirement in 1996.

  • The master chef has also been honored with several awards throughout his entire career, the most notable of which include the Grand Prix International de l'Art de la Cuisine and the Gault-Millau Cle d'Or.

Restaurant owned by Chef Frédy Girardet

Frédy Girardet established his restaurant in Crissier in 1971. He retired at 60, selling off his restaurant to his trusted chef Philippe Rochat (who worked under him since 1980) and his wife Franziska Rochat-Moser.

Cookbooks by Chef Frédy Girardet

Girardet: Recipes from a Master of French Cuisine– This book by Frédy Girardet is a collection of some of the finest and most sophisticated recipes formulated by the chef in the 15 years of his career.

The Cuisine of Fredy Girardet–This bestseller book of Frédy Girardet recipes was published in 1984 both in French and English versions.