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English cuisine, which forms a major part of the British cuisine, is distinguished by simplicity of taste and a heavy bias towards natural ingredients. Though, popular culture labels English food as bland, some of the well-known dishes are savored worldwide.

Popular English Recipes

Yorkshire pudding, Roast beef and Fish and chips are some of the renowned English culinary delights.

  • Yorkshire Pudding - As the name suggests, Yorkshire pudding originated in Yorkshire,England . It is a savoury wheat pudding which is served as a snack with roasted beef, gravy and boiled vegetables.
  • Roast Beef is a Sunday lunch delicacy
  • Fish and Chips is an urban English food.

Other favorites from English cuisine include Scones, tarts, Cornish Pasty which are traditional items served during high tea, a popular mid-afternoon snack and tea custom in England. Also, the English breakfast consisting of eggs and bacon is a must-have. Traditionally,wine is served with meals. Elderflower Cordial is a refreshing non-alcoholic British drink, though Tea is preferred by many Englishmen.