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Eastern European

Eastern European food refers to the foods and drinks consumed in the countries of Eastern Europe, and notable representations of this food come from countries like Russia, Poland, countries of the Balkan Peninsula, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, etc. Eastern European food is actually a blend of many traditional recipes from the grand aristocracy days and modern comfort recipes with international influence.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Eastern European Food

Commonly used vegetarian ingredients in Eastern European cuisine include beets, cucumber, leafy greens, etc. Another important ingredient is Farmer's cheese, which is fresh cottage cheese from which most of the liquid has been removed by pressing. Non vegetarian recipes often involve cooking in blood, and all kinds of meat including wild game are popular here. There are various delectable duck dishes prepared in Eastern Europe. Baker's ammonia, also called ammonia bicarbonate, is often used as a leavening agent for preparing various bakery products. Pomegranate is a popular ingredient used to prepare various types of salad dressings.

Popular Eastern European Cuisine Dishes

  • Polish Rolmopsy Appetizer: It is a rollmops appetizermade of herring. It can be prepared by wrapping pickled herring in dill pickle or any other pickle. It is often a part of the Polish Christmas Eve or New Year party menu.
  • Polish Kajmak: It is a creamy milk product prepared by boiling whole milk of cow or sheep and skimming of the top creamy layer.
  • Grilled Salmon: Salmon is very popular in Eastern European food, and it is best served with pomegranate vinaigrette. Pomegranate is vinaigrette is also used as a dressing for salads.
  • Pickled Beet: The beets are cooked and treated with vinegar, salt and sugar. Beet dishes are popular in Eastern Europe, and this dish is made of small, stain free beets and consumed all the year round.
  • Khliab Raiska Ptitsa : It is also called Bulgarian Bird of Paradise, and is a very presentable yeast bread dish with decorative toppings of cheese, olives, ham and red pepper.
  • Pelmeni: They are dumplings consisting of pastry with meatball filling. They are served on their own or with butter and sour cream topping.
  • Ice cream: It is a popular dessert in Russia, and is called morozhenoe. It comes in various flavors and fancy additions.
  • Vodka and Beer: These drinks are particularly popular in Russia and other Eastern European countries, especially during cold winter days when they help in warming the body.