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Diplomat Pudding

Diplomat pudding is a popular Hungarian pudding made of bread, crème anglaise and raisins. It is named so as it forms an important part of the diplomatic conference menus. It is a baked pudding. It has the flavor of rum and vanilla. It has mixed textures, crunchiness of the bread and creaminess of the custard.


Diplomat pudding was first served in 1908 in a conference in Bosnia. Some stories even mention a connection of Nesselrode, a Russian diplomat who loved puddings.

Ingredients and Preparation

Bread, crème anglaise and raisins and sultanas soaked in warm rum are the main ingredients for making diplomat pudding. Vanilla pod is used to flavor crème anglaise. Crème anglaise is made of egg yolks, milk and sugar.

The crust of the bread is completely removed and diced. It is dusted with sugar and toasted in the oven till crisp. Raisins and sultanas are soaked in warm rum overnight and then used. Crème anglaise is made by whisking all its ingredients. Toasted breads and soaked raisins and sultanas are mixed and spooned in butter greased ramekins. Crème angalise is poured over this mixture and each ramekin is covered with foil. These ramekins are left to bake in a bain marie.


· Diplomat pudding is served as a dessert.

· It is served glazed with fruit preserves like apricot preserve or raspberry jam.

Similar Dishes

· Bread and butter pudding is very similar to diplomat pudding except that it is even topped with bread.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Serving size – 1/8th portion or 80g ramekin.

Calories – 250 cal, Fat – 5g, Protein – 7 g, Carbohydrates – 35 g

· Diplomat pudding is high in calories and fat. It is a good source of protein as it has egg and bread.

· Milk used to make crème anglaise contributes to calcium and other micro nutrients.

· The calorific value of the pudding can be reduced by using whole wheat bread, skimmed milk and replacing sugar with zero calorie sweeteners like stevia or splenda.

Miscellaneous Facts

· Diplomat pudding is sold at confectionaries and sweet shops in Hungary and France.