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Dameron, also known as Pinto Rouge, Dameret Noir, Durbec, Foirard Noir, Noirgot, Vert Noir, Luisant Noir, etc., is a popular heavy red grape varietal from France used mainly for producing heavy table wine. It is closely related to the Gamay, considered its sibling; however, the cultivation of this traditional grape is limited these days, because of its susceptibility to diseases that grapes are prone to. This grape is grown mostly in the north of Dijon and Jura regions of France.


As per studies and certain tests, Dameron grape is believed to be the result of a cross between Pinot and Gouais Blanc (also known as Heunisch); which was grown widely during the Medieval Ages, by the French peasantry. The resultant grape is similar in its qualities to the Chardonnay and ALigote, to which it is closely related.

Culinary Uses

Dameron is more popularly known as a table wine grape; however, it has a few other culinary uses such as -

  • Being used in jelly making, jams and also in juices.
  • The dried version of this grape is used for providing a nice flavor to cakes, puddings, cobblers, etc.
  • These grapes add a delicious taste to fruit salads.

Nutrition Facts

Dameron, like all other grapes, is low in calories and has zero cholesterol. It is a rich source of important micronutrients such as iron, magnesium, potassium and copper. It is also rich in vitamin A, C, K, riboflavin, thiamin, carotenes, B-complex and also pyridoxine, known for their health benefiting properties.

Health Benefits

Dameron, when eaten as is or in any other form, is known for high source of antioxidant called resveratrol. This antioxidant helps in preventing some serious health conditions such as cancer of colon, cancer of prostate, blood pressure problems, degenerative nerve disorders, etc.

Buying and Storage Tips

There are certain points to consider while buying robust red grapes such as Dameron –

  • The skin of these grapes should be firm and without wrinkles.
  • The color should be even, without any spots or blemishes.
  • The grapes should not have any cuts or cracks and they should not be oozing any juice.
  • Grapes tend to spoil easily at room temperature; hence, they should be refrigerated in airtight containers or wrapped in paper towels.