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Coulibiac is a traditional French savory pastry dish containing fish, vegetables pastry and seasonings. It is an adoption of original Russian recipe that is famous with the name ‘Kulebiaka’. An oval shape is usually given to this pastry, but it can also be given the shape of a fish with a cherry eye as the garnish. Size of the pastry may vary from small to big depending upon the serving.

Origin of Coulibiac Recipe

Though Coulibiac is considered to be a French dish, but the original recipe has its roots in Russian cuisine. In Russia, salmon is the main variety of fish used to make fish loaf as the pastry filling, but French version can also be prepared with fresh trout available in France.

Ingredients and Method of Preparation Used as per Coulibiac Recipe

A brioche crust is generally used to make this classic dish. French trout or Salmon both can provide the similar flavor to it. Mushroom, egg, shallots and rice are the other major components of this savory pastry.

Seasoning also plays an important role in the enhancement of the flavor. Dill and lemon juice are the common flavoring agents used for this purpose.

Apart from the original ingredients, slight variations can be done to enrich the taste of Coulibiac. For example, quinoa is a very good option than rice with the dash of ginger as the flavor enhancer. If ginger is being used then chive is the best option as both these ingredients blends well with each other to give a unique taste, hence dill can be replaced in favor of these wonder ingredients.

For whole wheat factor, egg can be omitted and whole wheat flour can be mixed in brioche dough.

As method of preparation is concerned, baking is essentially the most common method. For outer pastry crust, brioche dough is divided into two parts and each part is flattened with the rolling pin to make dough sheets. Filling is prepared by sautéing the shopped mushrooms in butter and seasoned with salt, pepper and ginger. White wine may also be added to give a flambé effect to mushrooms. One pastry sheet is placed as the base on the baking sheet, filling is placed on the sheet along with fish loaf and layers of rice, quinoa and shallots. Entire filling is covered with the second pastry sheet. Pastry crust can be glazed with beaten egg and seasoned with little sea salt.

Baking should be done until the crust is brown and crispy.

Serving As Suggested by Coulibiac Recipe

This dish is generally served during main course. It is usually cut into pieces while serving. Any cream based condiment goes well with Coulibiac.