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Cervelat, also called as cervelas, zervelat, servelat is a type of sausage which is native to Switzerland, Germany and Alsace. It is also commonly referred to as summer sausage or blockwurst. It is considered as the swiss national sausage. It is called thuringer in Germany and klopfer in Basel. It is a mixture of bacon, beef, and pork rind along with numerous spices. The shape of the sausage is just like a usual sausage. Its flavor varies from the spices used. The texture is generally soft and can also be semi-dry. The average weight of this sausage varies from 100g to 200g.


The exact origin of cerevelat is unknown. The earliest mentions date back to the 16th century. The word cerevelat is derived from cerebellum, Latin word for brain. Pork brain was once a key ingredient for making this sausage but over years, the usage of brains was reduced and today, it has nearly been eliminated.

Ingredients and Preparation

Pork, beef, bacon, pork rind and spices are the main ingredients for making cerevelat. All the ingredients are ground together and then filled in beef intestines. It is then smoked and boiled in water for some time.

Commercially available sausages contain nitrites to fix the red color. They also contain antioxidants to prolong the shelf life.


· Cervelat is eaten cooked, grilled, boiled or fried.

· It can also be eaten raw in salad, as a filling for sandwich, etc.

Recipes Using Cervelat

· Rice pilaf with cervelat sausage – This is a rice dish made using vegetables and cervelat sausage along with rice.

· Cervelat salad – Sliced sausage is used enhance the taste and nutrition of a regular vegetable salad. Three bean salad with cervelat is also made

Health and Nutritional Facts

Serving size – 1 oz (28 g)

Calories – 101 cal, Calories from fat – 77, Fat – 9 g, Sodium – 360 mg, Protein – 5 g

· Cervelat is not very high in calories but it is very high in fat and sodium. It is not advisable for cardiovascular and hypertensive patients to consume this sausage.

· It is high in good quality animal protein but sausage made of lean protein is healthier than high fat sausage.

· It is a good source of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A & D.

· It is high in saturated fat and hence it can increase the risk of blockage in heart.