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Bublanina is a very popular cake and a traditional dessert of Czechoslovakia, which is made with different seasonal fruits and the name of the cake, translates to “to bubble” which is apt for the dessert as it bubbles around the fruits while being baked, enveloping them almost. The texture of bublanina has been compared with that of a coffeecake, which is also why it is often sometimes commercially sold as a breakfast pastry. The fruits commonly suggested in the bublanina recipe may vary from tart cherries, sweet cherries, nectarines and plums to strawberries, blueberries and apricots. Bublanina has a sweet taste, a fruity flavor and a light feel.

Ingredients and Baking as Suggested in Bublania Recipe

The classic Czechoslovakian Bublanina usually makes use of the ingredients like butter or oil, sugar, eggs, blueberries, orange liqueur, orange or lemon zest, salt, cream of tartar, all-purpose flour, confectioner’s sugar and blueberry sauce. Butter, sugar and egg yolks are first creamed for this cake, after which the salt, zest and liqueur are mixed in. Separately, egg whites are mixed with cream of tartar and flour. Both the mixtures are the combined and the batter is baked with a blueberries scattered on the top. Once the Bublanina is cooled, it is cut into pieces and served warm or cold with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar and blueberry sauce.

Serving and Eating Bublanina

Bublanina is best relished in the summer for breakfast or as a casual snack, mostly served accompanied with tea. This fruity snack can be eaten hot or cold and is often served with decorative garnishes in parties or to guests at home, with a jam swirl, fresh kiwi topping, fruit sauce topping most commonly blueberry sauce, topping of whipped cream or with a simple dusting of confectioner’s sugar.

Popular Variations: Bublanina Recipe

While all bublanina recipes mostly suggest the same set of the base ingredients, the difference in these are contributed by the fruits, which can vary according to the region and/or season. Tresnova Bublanina or Cherry Bublanina is a common variation of the classic Bublanina recipe which includes pitted sour cherries instead of blueberries and Amaretto or any almond liqueur instead of orange liqueur. The variations in the bublanina recipe can also arise due to the alteration in one or more of the base recipes such as a the replacement of oil with yogurt, which is not very uncommon, although somewhat less popular. Bublanina bears a striking similarity to the New Zealand cake called Pavlova, which is a soft textured low baked cake decorated with assorted fruits, mostly kiwi and passion fruit.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Bublanina

One serving of bublanina cake can provide 123.7 calories. The cake is generally considered healthy. The nutritional values of bublanina is contributed by 4 grams fat, 29.6 mg cholesterol, 25.8 mg sodium, 9.3 mg Potassium, 10.6 g Carbohydrate and trace amounts of protein, select vitamins and minerals.

Bublanina Recipe: Trivia

  • For Bublanina, generally any soft fruit can be used and in this regard stone fruits are most preferred as berries have a tendency to melt into the baking cake while hard fruits like pears or apples may not cook through completely given the short baking time of the cake.
  • The cake may be given a crunchy texture by sprinkling coarse sugar like demerara over the top.