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Blodpalt is a traditional Swedish dish made of reindeer blood. The name has been derived from two words "blood" and "palt". Palt means dumplings. It is commonly served in Sweeden and Finland. It is called veripalttu or roppana in Finnish.


Blodpalt was made to utilize all the animal products to the fullest in households. It also made a nutritious part of the meal.

Ingredients and Preparation

Reindeer blood and rye flour are the main ingredients for making blodpalt. Meat broth is used for boiling the dumplings. Cow, pig or any other animal blood can also be used. Frozen and defrosted blood is used.

Blood and flour is mixed till thick and smooth. It is left to swell overnight. Meat broth is boiled and the dumpling is spooned in the boiling broth. The dumplings sink and then float in the broth when partially cooked. It is cooked for about 5 – 10 minutes when floating and then removed.


· Blodpalt is usually served as a side dish with fried pork, rice or pot meals.

· It is served for the dark times of the year when it is very cold.

· It is served with bone marrow and is called as lappkok.

Popular Variations

· Diced pork is stuffed in the centre of the dumplings.

Similar Dishes

· Pitepalt is a dumpling made from potatoes and flour. It is often stuffed with meat.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Serving size – 3 dumplings

Calories – 200 cal, Fat – 8 g, Protein – 10 g, Carbohydrates – 20 g

· Blodpalt is low in calories. It is high in fat and serves as an excellent source of protein.