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Black Russian

Black Russian is a vodka and kahlua based mixed drink that is called by this name due to its black color, which is an easy to make drink with simple ingredients.

Black Russian recipe is an IBA official drink. This is amongst the list of popular cocktails that are selected by International Bartenders Association (IBA) to be included in WCC (World Cocktail Competition). These selected drinks are usually prepared by the most professional bartenders throughout the world and Black Russian is one of them.

This drink is typically prepared by IBA prescribed ingredients and measured in centiliters as opposed to milliliters. Being vodka based mixed drink; it is highly preferable in cold regions.

History of Black Russian Recipe

Black Russian was first appeared in the year 1949 and it is credited to a Belgium barman named Gustave Tops. He was the man who invented this classic cocktail in the honor of Perle Mesta. Perle was the US Ambassador in Luxembourg at that time and Hotel Metropole, Brussels is the place of the creation of this drink.

The name Black Russian is provided to the drink owing to its black color with the presence of coffee liqueur and the typical Russian drink, vodka.

Making of Black Russian Drink

The combination of vodka and coffee liqueur is the highlight of Black Russian. However, the amount of ingredients depends upon the recipe. IBA recipe states five parts of vodka mixed with two parts of kahlua, whereas other recipes may go for three parts vodka blended with two parts of kahlua. The drinks are often blended with coke.

The making is quiet easy as it not involves any prior preparation. All the ingredients including vodka, coffee liqueur and also coke are poured in the glass filled with crushed ice or ice cubes. The vigorous shakes are not needed for this drink, but it should be stirred gently in order to blend all the liquids.

Serving of Black Russian Drink

Black Russian is traditionally served “on the rocks”. The glassware should typically be old-fashioned or the Rock glass. This type of glass is best used for on the rocks drinks. Coke is an optional ingredient, hence it can be splashed on the top just before serving, if using.

A lemon slice can be added to float in the drink as an optional component.

Variations of Black Russian Recipe

• Tall Black Russian – This is a similar drink like Black Russian, but the only difference in the glassware. Usually, tall glass is used for this drink as opposed to old-fashioned glass. Besides this, all the ingredients are same for both the drinks.
• Black magic- A variation that is made with the inclusion of lemon juice and lemon zest garnish. Lemon adds sourness to the drink.
• Irish Russian – This variation of is also known as ‘Smooth Black Russian’ and prepared by adding the head of Guinness stout in the finishing stage.
• Brown Russian – This drink is served in highball glass that is half-filled with the Black Russian components and half with ginger ale.

Black Russian Recipe Trivia

Black Russian when mixed with coke is famous by the name ‘Dirty Black Russian’.