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Black Russian Tomato

Black Russian tomato, as the name suggests, is a large black colored tomato that originated in Russia. This is a strong flavored tomato with hints of earthy flavor, because of which it tends to taste saltier than other tomato varieties. Because of this, many people compare this special tomato to special delicacies of other countries, such as caviar and vodka. The dark color of the tomatoes tends to be taken unfavorably by people. However, the peach like sweet taste of these tomatoes, is quite addictive. Beetroot and Black Tomato Soup with Feta Cheese, Black Tomato Marmalade, Mexican Salsa Fresca and Black Tomato Shallot and Brie Sandwich are a few popular recipes of this ingredient.


Black Russian tomato is believed to have originated near the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine. The story goes that soldiers who fought in the Crimean War in the early 19th century collected the seeds of this tomato on their way home. Later they distributed these seeds amongst their friends and family. Soon this tomato variety spread all across Europe and also to America. Today, almost 50 varieties of this tomato are popular in Russia and all across the Baltic region and in Germany as well.

Culinary Uses

Though the dark color of Black Russian tomato is not liked by many people, its peach-like sweet taste is quite addictive.

  • This tomato is ideally used for making salads and salsas. It is also used in the preparation of sandwiches
  • It is also used for garnishing and in soups.
  • Some people even enjoy the marmalade made of these tomatoes.

Popular Black Russian Tomato Recipes

Black Russian tomato adds a lot of flavor to the dishes in which it is used and listed here are a few preparations of this tomato –

  • Beetroot and Black Tomato Soup with Feta Cheese – This is one of the most nutritious soups. Beetroot, tomatoes and garlic are roasted. The roasted tomatoes are strained through the sieve to remove the pips and skin. The resultant puree is cooked in sautéed onion along with the stock and beetroot. Once the beetroot is tender, salt and pepper are added and simmered a while. The contents are then pureed in a blender and chilled. It is served garnished with feta cheese. It can also be served hot with crusty bread.
  • Mexican Salsa Fresca – This nice and spicy salsa is made using these tomatoes and it is an ideal party dish. The two ingredients that make this dish spicy on one hand and sweet on the other are jalapenos and avocados, respectively. Lime juice adds sourness. The salsa is seasoned with garlic, onion and cilantro.

Nutrition Facts

Black Russian tomato is high in sodium, so one should take care of the amount consumed. It is also a high source of Vitamins A & C, dietary fiber and lycopene (a natural antioxidant).

Buying & Storing Tips

Though this tomato is either dark red or dark green when raw, the skin starts to darken and eventually it turns almost black when ripe. The skin of Black Russian tomato turns even darker with longer exposure to sunlight.