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Armenian Bread

Armenian bread consists of several local leavened and unleavened breads that are baked and consumed in day-to-day Armenian life.

Armenian Bread Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

There are many traditional Armenian recipes for bread that are commonly used by the Armenian people as well as the Armenian Diaspora. Most of the breads are usually produced with wheat flour, eggs, milk, water and yeast. However, it is also common to find unleavened bread being used in several homes according to personal preferences. Most of the dishes including bread use drawn butter, or clarified butter, lard or sesame oil during the kneading process. However, with modern times, vegetable oil might be used in a few recipes.

Serving and Eating Armenian Bread

Armenian bread is commonly served every meal. It is also served with meats, dips and spreads as a breakfast dish or as a snack with barbequed meats.

Variations of Armenian Bread Recipes

  • Lavash is a cracker like or a soft, thin flatbread variety that is prepared in Armenia. Cooks sometimes prefer to make a stiffer version of this popular Armenian bread and it is served with soups or dips. A softer version is served as a flatbread accompanied with barbequed meats or kebabs.

  • Matnakash is soft and puffy bread which is very tasty and is commonly prepared during festive occasions.

  • Bokon is a special variety of Armenian bread which is very soft and sweet. This bread is usually served with gravies.

  • Lahmajoun is a combination of soft flatbread that is covered with mincemeat.

  • Choreg is another variety of sweet bread served at breakfast as a layered bread.

  • Beximet is hard sticks of Armenian bread that is commonly served with dips and sauces. The bread is baked with melted shortening and is commonly provided for children as a snack.

  • Choereg, Armenian Easter Bread is a sweet bread that is prepared with milk, eggs, and mahleb which lends the distinctive taste to this bread.

  • Chorag are Armenian bread-sticks that are prepared with sour-dough.

  • Gatah are Armenian hard sweet bread rolls that are commonly provided to children.

  • Katah filled koritz is a sweet bread roll stuffed with raisins and nuts.

  • Madhzoon is a delicious soft yoghurt based Armenian bread that is braided and served with meat gravies.