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Albert Roux

Albert Roux, a highly respected cookbook author, chef, and restaurateur, who appears on both radio and TV, was born on 8th October, 1935 in France, at Saône-et-Loire. Though the chef belongs to France, yet he serves the culinary industry of Britain where is quite popular for his recipes which reflect the blend of both British and French cuisines.

Various chefs took training under Albert Roux, such as Pierre Koffman, Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing, and Marco Pierre White, who are the top most chefs of the world these days.

Professional Life of Chef Albert Roux

After spending a few years of his childhood in his birth place, Albert Roux went to London for trying his culinary career where he worked as chef for Cazalet family. Thereafter, in the year 1967, the chef, along with his brother, opened a restaurant by the name Le Gavroche, which eventually became the first restaurant in Britain to earn Michelin star.

Albert Roux, along with his brother, highly influenced the British cuisine, thus having an impact on the eating habits of British people. At their restaurant, Le Gavroche, the duo make sure to excite the guests with their delicious dishes which are made up of fresh and top quality ingredients.

The son of Chef Albert Roux is also a famous Michelin starred chef of Britain, who now successfully operates restaurant Le Gavroche in London.

Noteworthy Achievements of Chef Albert Roux

• Albert Roux appeared on “British sitcom Chef” in the year 1993, in one of the episodes, namely “The Big Cheese”, where the chef played his own role. This act of the chef was highly appreciated by the viewers.

• Chef Albert Roux used all his expert culinary skills and techniques in his own restaurant, Le Gavroche, located in Britain, thus making the restaurant to earn three Michelin stars.

• UK chefs’ poll, carried out in the year 2003 by one of the popular UK magazines “Caterer and Hotelkeeper” voted Albert Roux, as the most leading and dominant chefs of Britain.

• The most noteworthy contribution of Albert Roux to the culinary world is Roux Scholarship, which had been launched in the year 1974, thus giving the most crucial platform to talented and skillful chefs, and enhancing their presence in the gastronomic industry, by bringing out their skills and talent in front of the entire world.