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Aged Gouda Cheese

Aged Gouda cheese is the variety of Gouda cheese that is mainly used for export purposes. Gouda cheese is a well known variety of cheeses that is basically made up of cow’s milk that is cultured and heated until the cheese curd is separated from whey.

Aged Gouda cheese is known by its name due to the fact that the cheese is aged for few months or even for years in order to get the perfect texture and the cheese flavor. This cheese is usually yellow in color and creamy in taste.

Sautéed asparagus with aged Gouda cheese, aged Gouda and roasted portabellas and aged Gouda macaroni cheese are some of the exotic and popular aged Gouda recipes that are well-liked in almost all cuisines.

History of Aged Gouda Cheese

Aged Gouda cheese recipes were introduced to the world with the invention of aged Gouda cheese in Netherlands. The cheese was given the name after the city in Netherlands called ‘Gouda’. This is the city which is specifically known for the aging process of Gouda cheese. However, this variety of cheese is now being produced in many parts of the world with the same name.

Culinary Uses of Aged Gouda Cheese

Aged Gouda cheese is used widely in cooking exotic as well as everyday cheese recipes. It is fondly incorporated in famous Mac cheese recipe. In salads as well as in cheese spreads, this variety of cheese is immensely popular.

With sautéed and stir-fried meats and vegetables, aged Gouda cheese tastes very well. Make a cheese topping or shred it on tortillas or in baked dishes, this cheese has many culinary uses.

Methods of Preparation: Aged Gouda Cheese Recipes

• Baked – Aged Gouda cheese is popularly used in baked dishes either vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
• Sautéed – While making sautéed vegetable dishes, this cheese provides a creamy flavor to the dish.
• Marinade – Grated cheese makes is a nice ingredient for making marinades.

Cuisines Commonly Using Aged Gouda Cheese Recipes

Being a Dutch cheese, aged Gouda cheese is quite popular in Dutch cuisine. This cheese is also famous in making cheese recipes in UK and USA.

However, Gouda cheese recipes are now popularly used in all parts of the world.

Buying and Storing of Aged Gouda Cheese
While buying aged Gouda cheese, it should be kept in mind that the older the cheese the harder it is and the younger cheese are creamy in texture. There should always be a paraffin wax coating on the cheese and a rich yellow color is the sign of the fresh cheese.

Storing of cheese is quite simple as it can easily be kept in refrigerator while wrapped in a paper sheet and foil.

Types of Aged Gouda Cheese

• Young Gouda cheese – This variety is aged for 1-6 months and has creamy texture with red or yellow wax coating. This cheese is very easy to be cut from cheese slicer.

• Old Gouda cheese – This type of cheese is aged for more than six months and even for several years. The old cheese forms a black paraffin wax coating and often very brittle. It also tastes salty.