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Beer Batter Cod Chips Minted Peas And Tartar Sauce

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For the triple-cooked chips
  Maris piper 1 1⁄4 Kilogram
  Groundnut oil 2 Cup (32 tbs) (For Deep Frying)
For the fish
  Thyme sprigs 4
  Cod pieces 800 Gram, filleted and skinned (4 Pieces, 200 Gram Each)
  Plain flour 200 Gram (Plus Extra For Dusting)
  Plain flour 1 Tablespoon (For Dusting)
  Egg 1 , separated
  Fresh yeast 7 1⁄2 Gram, crumbled
  English beer 250 Milliliter (Chapel Down)
  Sugar 1 Pinch
For tartar sauce
  Mayonnaise 3 Ounce (3 Heaped Tablespoon, Good Quality)
  Hard boiled egg 1 , finely chopped
  Chopped flat leaf parsley 1 Tablespoon
  Gherkins 3 , finely chopped
  Capers 2 Teaspoon, finely chopped
  Lemon juice To Taste
For minted peas
  Fresh shelled peas 300 Gram
  Unsalted butter 1 Teaspoon (Knob Of)
  Fresh mint 1 Tablespoon (Young Tips)

1) Peel and shape the potatoes rectangles. Then cut into chips about 1cm thick. Place them into a bowl under cold running water for 5 minutes. Drain them well.

2) In a large pan of boiling water, put the chips, return to the boil, reduce heat, and gently simmer for about 4-5 minutes.
3) With a slotted spoon, gently lift the potatoes from the water, then spread on a tray lined with kitchen paper. Allow to cool, then chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
4) In a deep-fryer or large deep saucepan, heat the groundnut oil to 130 Degree C/250 Degree F. Gently fry the chips for 2-3 minutes, remove and drain on kitchen tissue. Allow to cool, then chill again till required.
5) At the bottom of a large roasting tin, sprinkle a layer of the sea salt and thyme , then place the fish . Cover and keep aside until required.
6) In a bowl, whisk the flour, egg yolk and yeast together to form a paste. Stir in the beer, sugar, egg white and a pinch of salt.
7) In another bowl, combine all of the tartare sauce ingredients then, add lemon juice to taste. Chill until required.
8) In a large pan of boiling salted water, add the peas and cook for 4-5 minutes or until tender. Drain in a large bowl of iced water, then drain again.
9) Heat the groundnut oil to 160C/300F. Pat the fish dry, then dust in flour. Coat the fish in the batter, then gently lift into the pan and fry for 6-7 minutes or until golden brown. Remove and drain on a wire rack and keep hot.
10) Heat the oil up to 180C/300F. Fry the chips for 5 minutes or until golden brown. Drainwell and season with salt.
11) In a frying pan, melt a small knob of butter, add the peas and mint tips.

12) Toss and coat the peas with the minted butter and serve immediately with the cod, chips and the tartare sauce.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Side Dish
Preparation Time: 
30 Minutes
Cook Time: 
20 Minutes
Ready In: 
50 Minutes

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Beer Batter Cod Chips Minted Peas And Tartar Sauce Recipe