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Floating Islands has a Extraordinary taste.The Eggs and Milk gives the Floating Islands Splendid taste. Must catch it
  Egg whites 6
  Powdered sugar 8 Teaspoon
  Milk 4 Cup (64 tbs)
  Custard 4 Cup (64 tbs)

Beat the whites of eggs until stiff.
Sprinkle 1 tsp of sugar over the whites, beating it constantly until very stiff.
Boil milk in a wide pan with sugar and lower the heat.
Take a egg white at a time and drop it on to the milk, turning it over once after about 2 minutes so that each egg white gets cooked in the shape of a mini-jceberg.
Remove and keep on a serving dish.
See that all the egg whites are used up this way.
Make a custard and pour it into the serving dish.
Place shaped whites of eggs on the custard.

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