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Speed Opener

Speed Opener or Bar Speed Opener is an important accessory used by bartenders in the hospitality industry to open the bottle caps of liquors and soft drinks. This accessory is also known as Popper; Mamba and bar blade. These openers come in different colors and styles. Most of the speed openers are made up of stainless steel or other strong materials. The bar blades are similar to the bottle openers found in homes but they can be made to act faster than any regular bottle opener. The speed opener is affixed on the bottle cap and pulled. The popper is slowly making its mark around the kitchens throughout the world.

Features of Bar Speed Opener
Bar blade is basically a steel blade which measures 16cm long and 4cm wide. This blade has a thumb-sized hole on one end and a letter box cut on the other end. The bartenders hook the letter box end to pull out the caps from soft drinks and beers. The professional bartenders find it easier to handle than the other openers. The speed opener can be easily carried in the pocket or the zip string. But one the most alleged disadvantage of the bar blade is that it is not good for removing the cork.

Variants of Bar Speed Opener
The speed opener falls into the league of bottle openers. Several variants of this accessory are used in bars, homes and commercial kitchens throughout the world.

  • Multi Opener: In a sense this is an advanced form of popper. It is also known as beverage opener. This opener is mostly fitted with openers that can be used for opening different type of metal and plastic cans.

  • Crown Cork Opener: This opener is also known as churchkey. It is believed to have developed along with crown cork. The experts say that this is the actual form of speed opener or to say bar blade. It is portable and also comes as a device which can be affixed to vertical surfaces. It is not suitable for opening the wine bottles.

  • Bottle Opener: This is the primitive form of the bar blade. This is a simple piece of metal with square or rectangular holes at one end and the other end is large and strong enough to be clutched between thumb and forefingers. Due to its pint size and durability this simple speed opener variant also doubles up as a key fob.