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Soup Bowl

Soup bowl as the name suggests is the bowl meant for containing and serving soup. The soups that are served in these bowls can either be hot or cold. These bowls are usually round in shape with open top and come along with soup spoons and saucers. Typically, the bowls for serving soups are made of glass, porcelain, stone or plastic.

Constituents Of Soup Bowl Set

A soup bowl set consist of -

  • Soup bowls
  • Soup spoons
  • Under plates

Types Of Soup Bowls

  • Soup Plates - These bowls are wide, shallow bowls with a supporting rim. These bowls are used in formal dinners.

  • Coupe Soup Bowls - Suitable for informal dining, these bowls are shaped like saucer.

  • Soup cereal bowls- Also known as oatmeal bowl, these bowls are usually with or without a rim. These also come with a spoon and are suitable for eating pasta and noodle soups.

  • Lug Soup Bowls - These bowl are also known as onion soup bowls and are made oven proof.

  • Ovenproof soup bowls- These bowls as the name suggests are oven safe and are made of glass, and oven proof ceramics. Onion soups and stews are usually served in these bowls and these bowls gave the ease of presentation and melting the cheese on the soup by putting it straight in the oven. The bowl has an extended handle which makes it easier to pull from the oven without spilling.

  • Double handed bowls- Ideal for sipping broths and stirring chowders with creams, these bowls have handles on both the sides. The classic double handled bowl design consists of a shallow cup and wide mouth. The bowl because of its design is easy to clean and keep after stacking. The bowl is also used to serve baked fruit desserts and to prepare pot pies.

  • Noodle soup bowls- The noodle soup bowls are designed with deep cup having a wide diameter. These bowls are used in Asian cuisine where one pot meals are served. The bowls are big enough to contain the soup and vegetables both. Rectangular shaped noodle soup bowls with Lacquer finish are very popular in Asian stores and restaurants.

  • Bread soup bowls- These bowls are made by the toasting and hollowing the bread loaf. The breads which are commonly used are types of hard crust Italian breads and Sourdough bread. These breads are thick and stable enough to hold the soups. The bread containing the soup is also eaten along with the soup. As the level of the soup decreases the bread is pulled from the top and eaten.

Soup Bowl Types Based on Utility

The consistency and temperature of the soup is an important factor in determining the shape of the bowl.

  • Shallow, wide bowls are used for serving thick soups which retain heat. Hardy beef soup is one of the soups that are served in wide and shallow bowl.
  • Deep bowls are used for serving smooth textured, evenly blended soups. This shape helps in retaining the heat of pureed soups.
  • Narrow soup bowl is used for serving clear soups as these bowls are ideal in retaining the heat of clear soups.