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Sink Units

Sink units or kitchen sinks are quite popular kitchen tools that provide a complete solution for washing utensils. Simple sink units or bar sink units, all comes with variety of styles, wash bowl sizes and draining systems. A complete unit is installed in the area and it facilitates in keeping the dishes and glasses in the wash bowl until cleaned. The drain system is excellently configured to provide proper flow of water from the sink.

Size of the sink unit depends upon the utilization. Generally, these units are made up of stainless steel that makes the cleaning of the entire unit quite easy.

Types of Sink Units

  • Kitchen sink unit โ€“ This unit comes with a washing bowl, 2-3 taps and a drain pipe. Stainless steel body along with side drain tray makes the tool extremely popular in almost all households. The kitchen sink often includes waste food disposer that churns out all the food particles into waste that drains through the pipe.
  • Bar sink units โ€“ These sink units are usually smaller than kitchen sink as designed to suit the small bar space. Wash bowl may be of varied shapes with at least 2 taps. A drain tray is attached to the tool.
  • Outdoor sink โ€“ This sink is portable and can be installed anywhere outside the house. It is an ideal innovation for outdoor barbeque and cocktail parties. A rust-resistant steel body holds the sink that can be moved with the help of wheels attached. A hose pipe is also connected with the tap unit and makes the sink easily operatable. The tap also has an attached flow adjusted that is quite effective for outdoor purposes. The steel frame is easily folded when sink unit is not in use. This allows space economy.

Maintenance of Sink Units

It is quite necessary to adhere to some maintenance tips for sink units as it will ensure the long-lasting shine of the sink and the unit will retain its quality and appearance for a long period. Some tips are as follows:

  • For everyday cleaning, water is enough; however a mild soap can be added to remove the fat deposits and other tea and coffee stains. It is advised not to use scrubs on stainless steel body as it may put scratches on the surface.
  • Sink can be prevented from damage if objects kept on the sink are not rubbed against the surface.
  • Heat may also damage the sink surface; therefore no hot pans should be kept in or on the sink without pan protector.
  • Chemical substances harm the sink units hence the sink should not be exposed to harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals may cause oxidization process to occur and the surface of the sink may damage. Silver cleaners, adhesives, brush cleaners and metal shavings should be avoided while working on sinks.