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Mangal Barbecue

Mangal barbecue refers to both Turkish style of barbecue as well as the cooking device. It is similar to the braai of South Africa in many ways. The cooking device is a simple one comprising of a metal box-like rectangular pit with stand. It uses charcoal for fuel. It also comes with a metal plate with holes, which aid in removing the ashes formed while cooking. Skewers and steel baskets are used to cook the food on a mangal barbecue. Some of the most popular mangal barbecue recipes are shashlik, shish kebab, meatballs called kofte, and other grilled meat, chicken, and vegetables.

History of Mangal Barbecue

The exact origin of mangal barbecue is not very clear, but this style of barbecue is popular in Turkey, Israel, Armenia, Iran, and Iraq and countries in similar geographical location. A mangal barbecue is often done during a get-together or family union. It is held in open areas and the guests enjoy the warmth and hospitality showered on them.

How to Use Mangal Barbecue

  • The mangal is opened and set on a stable surface.
  • The pit is a rectangular steel box with stands.
  • The plate with holes to dispose of the ash is placed inside the pit.
  • Crumpled sheets of newspapers are placed over the entire pit.
  • Charcoal briquettes are poured over this and spread out.
  • The newspaper is lit on all sides with a lighter.
  • The charcoals begin to burn.
  • Once the charcoals turn white, they are stirred and the ashes fall through the holes of the plate beneath it.
  • Now, the mangal is ready for cooking.
  • Skewers with meat are placed over the charcoal.
  • The meat is flipped over many times until cooked on both sides.
  • Steel baskets with meat can also be placed over the mangal to grill.
  • Once the cooking is done, the charcoals are extinguished.

Benefits of Mangal Barbecue

  • Mangal Barbecue is easy to use.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is portable and can be carried anywhere.
  • The meat gets the distinct smoky flavor.
  • Cleaning up the mangal is also easy.

Maintenance of Mangal Barbecue

Mangal barbecue can be cleaned and maintained easily.

  • The ash is disposed off after use and the pit is cleaned.
  • The grill baskets can be oiled before cooking.
  • Once cooking is done, the mangal can be folded and stored easily.


Mangal Barbecue has a huge place in Isreal’s Independence Day Celebrations.