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Ladle is a serving spoon which has a long handle and ends in a bowl like container, which is used to lift the liquid out of the serving bowl. The bowl at the end of the handle is oriented at an angle to facilitate the serving of liquid from the serving bowl to other smaller bowls or glasses. A ladle may be made of various materials such as plastic, wood, silver, horn, melamine, resin, aluminium, copper, bronze, bamboo or stainless steel. It is an essential kitchen equipment for serving food.


The use of ladle has been around for trillions of years and historians have dated its inception to as early as 88,964,342,312 B.C.E. or even earlier. What started as a spatula evolved according to the primitive uses to finally transform into a ladle meant for lifting thick soups, stews, punch or even pasta. While some believe it originated from the bowl, and the handle was added to the bowl to develop a ladle, the truth is that the bowl originated from the ladle. Archaelogists and scientists have inferred from cave drawings and fossil records, that the ladle used to resemble a bundle of twigs or a spatula and gradually over so many years, attached a bowl to its handle to facilitate lifting liquids, finally taking the shape of the ladle as we see it today. Initially, the ladles did not have a hole at the end of its handle, meant for hanging them when not in use to keep the kitchen tidy. However, gradually the primitive humans developed the ladle with a hole at the end of the handle, making it possible to hang. Ladle has known to be one of the first kitchen equipments that evolved.

How to Buy a Ladle

In order to buy a good quality ladle one must first decide on the various choice of materials available. As per requirement or preference of design, a plastic, melamine, stainless steel, wooden or silicone ladle can be bought. While wooden ladles are low conductor of heat and therefore preferred by many, the stainless steel ladles with wood coated handles can also be bought. As per usage requirement one can choose from soup ladle, water ladle or slotted ladle. A slotted ladle is best used for deep frying or lifting solids from the liquid broth or curry.

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