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Ice Bucket

An ice bucket is a small container utilized for storing or carrying small quantities of ice. They are insulated on the inside to keep the ice from melting. Most bars keep the buckets on top of the counters in order to add ice to a drink for adequate chilling. The ice is taken out from the bucket with help of small ice tongs which are sold along with the ice bucket at times. It is also used to carry chilled wine from one place to another.

Hotel rooms usually provide ice buckets so that the guest can carry the ice straight from the vending ice machines. The buckets are available in a number of different styles and can be made of different materials too. It usually consists of a handle for easy lifting. Two side knobs or a central finial are used to open and close the lid of the bucket. It is a handy means of carrying ice for barbeque parties or picnics.

Types of Bar Ice Buckets

The buckets for holding ice or bottles of chilled wine and beer is available in many materials each having its own advantage. A flat tub without a lid is used by bars to hold a large amount of ice cubes when they are liable to be dispensed off quickly. Smaller versions often serve as wine coolers with the liquid being directly poured into it and carried for outdoor gatherings.

The classification based on the materials include:-

  • Glass- Plain glass buckets along with etched colored glass and crystal glass buckets can all be used to store ice. However, they are not suitable in warm weather as the condensation can set in.
  • Illuminated- Colorful plastic buckets fitted with LED lights are ideal for evening parties and within the dimly lit interiors of a bar.
  • Personalized- Buckets with the monogram etched on it can be a good way of promoting a bar or a restaurant.
  • Silver Plated- Silver plated buckets in the Georgian style make unique gift items and add class to the bar ware. Not used by commercial establishments ordinarily, they are a part of home bars where the presence of silver provides added insulation.
  • Stainless Steel Buckets- Highly polished ice buckets in stainless steel look elegant and is easy to clean. Available both with lids and without it, they are available for as less as $20 with the price going up to $250.
  • Wooden- Teak buckets are usually a part of the barware in retro restaurants with birch, oak and even mango wood being used to fashion the bucket which is non corrosive. Hand crafted wooden buckets can hold the ice for long and keep wines beautifully chilled. They are also collected as antiques.

Bar Ice Bucket: Maintenance

  • The buckets used in bars need to be cleaned thoroughly each day so that there is no lingering odor.
  • It is important to scrub the lid as well as the knobs as spilled wine often tends to collect at the joints.
  • Using a lidded bucket is best for storing ice in a bar unless the ice needs to be dispensed quickly.
  • The ice needs to be discarded once it starts melting
  • The buckets need to be out of the reach of customers for hygienic reasons.
  • It is mandatory to remove ice with tongs and not let the fingers touch them.