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Coffee Percolator

Coffee percolator is a pot which is used for brewing coffee. The name of this kitchen tool is derived from the word "percolation", which means the passing of solvent through a permeable element in order to derive a soluble product. In coffee percolators, water is a solvent which passes through the coffee ground, the permeable element, to make a hot cup of coffee which is rich in taste, aroma and color.

History Of Coffee Percolator

The first coffee brewing percolator was invented in the year 1814 by American soldier and scientist, Count Rumford. It was then in the year 1840 that James Napier improvised the tool by introducing two detachable glass spheres. James Mason got the first patent for percolators in the year 1865.

How A Coffee Percolator Works

There are different parts in the percolator which include heat source, water chamber and coffee grounds. The heat source is plugged in the wall outlet and there is a pot above it which has many chambers. The bottom chamber is nearest to the heat source and is equipped with an outlet. The coffee grounds are placed slightly higher, and above all is the water chamber. The water is poured and coffee is filled in the grounds and the heat is turned on. When the water gets heated the pressure increases which pushes it down to the coffee grounds where the taste and color of the coffee is infused. The process of heating and coffee brewing goes on repeating until the intensity of the flavor is achieved. Some percolators have to be turned off while some are automatic and switch off as soon as the coffee is ready.

Types Of Coffee Percolators

There are three basic varieties of percolators, namely electric, microwave and stovetop.

  • Electric- These percolators are used widely and they the keep the coffee warm and consumable for a long time. These are usually made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Microwave percolators- One of the most efficient coffee brewers, these percolators consume less electricity and are safe to use.
  • Stovetop percolator- These percolators brew the coffee on the stove top and hence have to be monitored. Once the brewing is done, the pot has to be moved from the heat source or else the taste turns bitter.

Besides, there are also pressure type and gravity type percolators available in the market.

  • The pressure type percolator has 3 sections; the lower for storing water, the middle for coffee and the upper where the coffee gets brewed. Many pressure type percolators do not have an upper section; instead there is an opening for dispersal of the coffee.
  • Gravity type percolator brews the coffee with the gravity aid. The water gets into the bottom chamber from where it goes to the pot where the brewing takes place.

Popular Brands Selling Coffee Percolators

Some of the popular brands of coffee percolators are Bass, Beyond, Coleman, Comet, Faberware, Hamilton, Regal and Toastess.