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Chopping Board

Chopping Board or Cutting board as it is popularly known, is a type of board made up of durable material which is used for cutting vegetables, fruits or meats. These boards are also used for other purposes such as cutting plastic or leather and are often made up of hard plastic or wood. But, there are also cutting boards which are made up of steel, corian, marble, glass etc. These boards are used on rare occasions and are much more easier to handle than their plastic or wooden counterparts although they are avoided because they can damage the knives. Nowadays, cutting boards made up of scratch resistant plastic are gaining in popularity.

Items In A Chopping Board Set
The chopping board set comes with cutting boards of varying sizes and thicknesses along with different knives. These knives are either attached to them or they come in a separate knife set with differently sized knives in them. Some of the sets come with cut and wash arrangement where the chopped or cut vegetables are passed to an attached bowl and can be easily washed. Most of the chopping board sets are dishwater safe.

How to Choose a Cutting Board
A chopping board is an integral part of the kitchen because it provides a chopping platform while finishing meals. Also, at times they are used as serving board after preparing the meals. Today cutting boards are made up of different types of materials and there is always a debate regarding the pros and cons of each cutting board.

  • Tempered glass boards: They are made up of heat resistant glass and are easy to handle and clean. They are the most sanitary of all boards in the market and heavier than them too.

  • Wooden Board: This chopping board variant has gained undeniable popularity in the recent years. The wooden board is considered knife friendly and bacteria resistant. However, cleaning these may seem little complicated and being non-resistant to cracks, the cracks which keep forming also begin collecting dirt in them and if not cleaned regularly, they can even start harboring bacteria.

  • Marble Boards: These boards are not meant for cutting vegetables instead they are generally used for serving food like cheeses etc. Also, they do not easily get damaged like wood and glass boards.

  • Corian Boards: These multicolored boards by Dupont Company are bacteria resistant and come in various hues and sizes. They are also stain- resistant up to some extent. The cracks and cuts which occur with time are repairable.

Cutting Board: Maintenance Guidelines

  • The cutting boards should be cleaned with soap water after each use.
  • Rubbing coarse salt over the cutting board will help to get rid of odors.
  • Wooden cutting boards should not be left in water for long time.
  • Separate cutting boards should be used for chopping and slicing the meats and vegetables.
  • Wooden chopping board should be resurfaced to avoid scoring a bacteria.