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Brustolina is a grilling equipment used over stove tops which is made of two parts. It has a square sheet with holes punched in it and acts as the base of the brustolina. The second part rests above this which is a square grid. This is the grilling surface. Brustolina fits securely over a gas burner on the hob. Once the gas is lighted, the heat from below the base gets evenly distributed and deflects upwards towards the grid. The food placed on the grid is cooked by both convection and radiant heat.

Brustolina is a cooking equipment commonly used in the preparation of Italian cuisine. It is most popular for making bruschetta, polenta or grilled vegetables. In Italy, they are easily available at street markets and are very economically priced. However, it is difficult to find a kitchen supply store or an online store selling brustolina in the United States.