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Brownie Pop Mold

Brownie Pop Mold is a kitchen equipment to make brownie pops or cakesicles. The mold resembles an ice tray with only the molds being deeper to give a large enough size. The cake crumbs mixed with frosting are filled into these molds and finally a stick is attached and left to set. When taken out of the molds they resemble lollipops or popsicles and can be decorated in various ways to make it more colorful and attractive. Alternatively, the brownies can be baked in these molds and then the stick is inserted to take it out of the molds. The mold can make eight or more brownie pops at a time.

These molds are mostly made of silicone and come in various shapes like stars, hearts, simple rounds, square or any other shape. The silicone being supple makes it easy to take out these pops once baked, compared to aluminum molds. Silicone pop molds are also useful because they can be used for baking both in regular ovens as well as microwave ovens.

Popular Brand Selling Brownie Pop Mold

  • WiltonIt offers a silicone pan which has several mini cavities and is available in various shapes and colors. It is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.