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Brownie Pan

Brownie pan is a specially designed pan used for baking brownies. Its chief purpose is to enable cutting same sized brownies and to provide more chewy edges to the brownie. Normally when we use a regular cake pan for baking brownies we get some brownies with a chewy edge while most others are soft and soggy, if they are cut out from the central rows. There are different types of brownie pans designed in different ways.


The various types of brownie pans have been invented and patented by different people. These are enumerated below :

  • The zigzag brownie pan was invented and patented by Matthew Griffin of Baker’s Edge Company, in the 1990s.
  • The ‘more corners’ brownie pan was invented by the Ainsworth Innovations LLC, in the year 2011.


Edge Brownie Pan – This type of brownie pan is also known as the Twisted Brownie Pan. The pan has a zig zag route which allows the batter to spread evenly and once baked gives brownies with two chewy edges.

More Corners Brownie Pan – This type of brownie pan is designed in a special way to resemble a cross with multiple corners. It gives at least eight corner brownies and a few moist centre brownies.

Perfect Brownie Pan – This type of pan is made of nonstick material and has a removable bottom, cooling rack and a dividing grid which can be removed as well. The dividing grid gives same sized brownies. It is also known as the magic brownie pan.

How to Buy a Brownie Pan

With a host of newly designed brownie pans it is simply a matter of preference of design, while buying a brownie pan. One can browse through online stores or retailers to understand the design better. Finally, depending on one’s choice, a brownie pan can be bought from a store.

Popular Brands Selling Brownie Pan

  • Baker’s EdgeIt offers a zigzag one chamber design which provides two chewy edges to every brownie. It comes with a nylon spatula and a recipe booklet. It is made of heavy gauge cast aluminum with a nonstick coating for easy release and cleaning.
  • Ainsworth InnovationsIf offers a specially designed nonstick heavy gauge carbon steel pan which is dishwasher safe.
  • Magic Brownie PanThis is made with a nonstick coating for easy cleaning and makes 18 brownies at a time.