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Breakfast Knife

Breakfast Knife is a special knife which is meant for all the various tasks during breakfast, such as slicing bread, cheese, tomato, salami or spreading butter, jam, mustard or mayonnaise. The traditional German breakfast comprises a huge variety of textures including the foods mentioned above. It is a versatile knife and can easily handle all of the above tasks and hence it has been termed the Breakfast Knife. It has a curved blade.


Breakfast knives come in various shapes and sizes. While most of them have a curved and round tipped some breakfast knives also come with a straight tipped blade. The straight tipped blade makes it easier to be inserted into the longer jars of jams and spreads, and use them on the bread. Some breakfast knives come in sets and contain a couple of breakfast knives, each for serving a different purpose at the breakfast table. The Breakfast Knife Set usually includes a sandwich spreader, a cheese knife and a tomato knife, each with varying lengths and shapes of blade. These knives may have a natural wooden handle or a synthetic handle.

How to Buy a Breakfast Knife

In order to buy a durable breakfast knife, one should ideally purchase a knife manufactured by a reputed brand. The blade could be made of carbon steel or stainless steel. One could select from a straight tipped or a round tipped blade. One can also decide between by a single knife or a complete breakfast knife set.

Popular Brands Selling Breakfast Knife

  • RosleIt offers a breakfast knife made of stainless steel with a wide blade for easy cutting and spreading, and has a sharp and wavy edge.
  • ConsigliIt offers a breakfast knife with a forged blade and a polished handle made of natural materials.
  • Claude DozormeIt offers a breakfast knife set comprising three different knives – tomato knife, cheese knife and sandwich spreader which have a blade length of 3”, 4 ¼” and 4 ¾ ” respectively. They have different colored synthetic handles and come packed in an elegant box.