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Breakfast Bread Bowl

Breakfast bread bowl is an edible bowl, made out of dinner rolls where the rolls are cut slightly from the top, hollowed from the center and filled with nutritious fillings to make them wholesome breakfast options. Breakfast bread bowl is eaten in breakfasts and also serves as a good snacking option during the evenings. This also is a great quick breakfast option that is liked by people of all ages. These are best eaten when something filling and nutritious needs to be eaten in hurry.


Breakfast bread bowl are made of different types of breads and popular being the bowls made of sourdough, rye, and wheat.


Fillings that go well with the breakfast bread bowl are boiled eggs, cheese, vegetables, beans, baked eggs, and French fries.

Popular brands selling Breakfast Bread Bowl:

Tyson : Tyson offers breakfast bread bowls that are ready to eat and are filled with bacon, egg and cheese. The bowls are microwavable and come with cooking instructions. Along with this, Tyson also sells frozen and fresh chicken, beef, pork, Cornish hens, pouch chicken and ready to eat products.