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Breadbox, also known as bread bin, is a useful kitchen container for storing bread and many other baked products like muffins and cakes. This box for storing bread is commonly rectangular in shape which is very much similar to a bread loaf. Bread boxes help in keeping the baked products fresh and also help in avoiding spillage. The bread boxes were earlier made of wood and pottery; however, in present times, they are made of stainless steel and melamine material.

History of Bread Bins

The use of bread bins is popular since hundreds of years. The bread in earlier times was bought open directly from a bakery and was sold wrapped in a paper. The bread boxes, therefore, were used to keep the loaf fresh for longer time and to keep bread safe from moisture and pests. The bread boxes in earlier times were made of wood and were available in different designs on the cover.

Gradually, enamel bread boxes and stainless steel bread boxes came into existence and became popular all over the world.

Design of a Breadbox

The breadbox is usually in the shape of a cuboid which comes along with a cover on the top. The top is either hinged and opens from front or top or is completely removable. The cover has a tight grip which helps in locking the bread moisture and does not allow any bugs to enter.

A breadbox is usually available in variety of colors and the cover has some designed patterns which makes the box more appealing.

Pull out bread boxes are also available now a days in markets.

Advantages of Bread Bins

The breadboxes are very useful kitchen containers. Here are some of the advantages of storing bread in these boxes:

  • Keeps the bugs away- A breadbox is sturdy and like plastic bags cannot be chewed by kitchen pests and rats.
  • Retains moisture- The bread kept in the bread bin is not exposed to light and heat as the box is designed with a tight grip cover. This feature of bread bin helps the bread in retaining moisture.
  • Easy storage- Bread bins provide an ease of storing bread and help in keeping the kitchen clutter free.

Types of Bread Boxes

Wooden bread boxes- These bread boxes were very common in traditional kitchens. Different wood types were used to manufacture these boxes. The bread, when stored in wooden bread bins, used to stay fresh for at least a week in summers and for 10-15 days in winters.

Metal bread boxes- Metal boxes used to have nice colors and designs on their exteriors and were used more as antiques. The bread kept in these metal boxes, used to stay fresh only for 1- 2 days due to the easier growth of mold. In the modern times, stainless steel bread boxes are available which are not only shiny but also stylish. These boxes are usually available in big sizes and can easily contain bread, muffins and other baked products. Matt finish bread boxes are also available in the markets. Bread boxes made of steel are durable and resistant to rust.

Plastic, Acrylic bread boxes- These boxes are available in present times and come in various designs and shapes. Some boxes have perforated sheets that aid in keeping the bread fresh for a longer time and also reduce the growth of mold.

Tips On Buying Breadboxes

  • Bread box with tight cover is an ideal choice as such boxes help in retaining the moisture and keep the bread fresher for a longer time.
  • Flat top boxes, when bought, provide the feasibility of keeping things on its top and help in space utilization.
  • Big sized bread boxes make an ideal purchase as they not only help in storing breads but can also be used for storing biscuits and variety of other products.

Bread Box- Trivia

“Is it bigger than a bread box?” is a phrase that is commonly used to ascertain the size of unknown object.