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Biscuit Tin

Biscuit tin, as the name suggests, are the tins or containers for storing biscuits. These tins are used commonly in United Kingdom and many other parts of the world and are made of a tin plate. The main purpose of these tins is to keep its content fresher for a longer time. Apart from biscuits, cakes, cookies and other household kitchen stuff can also be stored in these containers.

History of Biscuit Tins

The biscuit tins evolved in Great Britain and by the 19th century they were one of the essentials containers that were found in almost every kitchen. The traditional biscuit tins were made of tin plates which were made by coating the iron sheets with tin, immersing them in liquefied metal and then finally shaping them in rectangular tin boxes.

Subsequently, decorated tins came to the market and gained popularity in very less time. The first decorated biscuit tin was manufactured in 1868 by a British Company named Huntley & Palmers. Decorated tins had a design embossed on the tin and came in different colors.

Later in 1890, tins of different shapes were introduced in the markets which made the users enjoy the product even after the consumption of biscuits. These tins were used as decorative objects, piggy banks and even as gifts . Initially, the basket shaped tins were introduced but gradually tins of animal shapes, geometrical shapes and vases started being produced.

The production of biscuit tin was affected by the First World War, however, the industry revived soon after.

Popular Biscuit Tin Manufacturers

Although the biscuit tins were made in abundance throughout UK, some of the popular tin manufacturers of the olden times are Carr & Co., Frean & Co., and Mac Farlane. Barbantia, Nigella, Charlotte Watson and Emma Bridgewater are some of the popular names of the present times.

Tips for Using Biscuit Tins

  • The lid of the tin should always be closed properly to ensure longer life of the contents.

  • The biscuit tins should be cleaned manually as they are not dish washer safe. A tin should be dried well before storing anything in it.

  • A rust resistant finish tin with air tight lid should be preferred over normal biscuit tins available in super markets.

Biscuit Tin- Trivia

Biscuit tins were an integral part of all royal weddings and coronations of Great Britain and were specially made in bulk to make the occasion memorable.