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Beer Tap

Beer Tap is a device attached to the beer pump, cask or barrel which controls the release of beer into the drinking mug or glass. A tap may be a faucet, valve or spigot depending on where it has been fitted. A beer tap is universally used and beer served from a tap is known as ‘draught beer’. A beer tap is also known as ‘keg tap’. There are different types and styles of beer taps.


Beer served from the tap or draught beer started in the early 20th century, and gradually the whole of Europe was using beer taps except the United Kingdom which also adopted the use of beer taps by the year 1950.

Richard Spikes is known to have invented and patented the first beer tap in the year 1910, the patent for which was later purchased by Milwaukee Brewing Company.


Pressure-Dispense Beer Tap – This uses pressure from a carbon dioxide or nitrogen cylinder to push the beer up and out of the keg. Due to this a frothy head is produced, and one must wait for the froth to subside before pouring more beer.

Portable Keg Tap – This type of tap is used to release beer directly from a keg. This is usually done on picnics or an outdoor event, hence it is also known as the picnic tap. The keg tap uses atmospheric pressure to force the beer up and out of the keg. This is usually done by a hand pump to push the air into the keg.

Cask Beer Tap – This type of tap is fitted into the cask containing the beer and functions as an ordinary on-off tap or valve. It may be made of plastic, stainless steel or wood. Earlier brass taps were also used but now discontinued due to fear of lead contamination.

Popular Brands Selling Beer Tap

  • KegWorksThey offer all the six types of keg taps, which come with a foam detector to avoid beer waste.
  • KegCo They offer a kit with two chrome plated faucets with brass lever, an aluminum carbon dioxide tank, regulator and splitter.
  • TapRiteThey offer a pump body with tubing and faucet which is easy to clean and comes with a Pressure Release Vent which eliminates foaming caused by over pumping.
  • Turbo Tap USAThey offer fast beer pours which can release a pint of beer in two seconds.