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Beer Brewing Kit

Beer Brewing Kit is a collection of all the items required for brewing beer at home. It is a do-it-yourself kit, which contains everything from beer equipment to instructions to beer making ingredients. These are readily available at beer brew supply stores as well as online stores. Although it is mostly meant for use by the first timers, experienced home brewers also buy such kits. However, some beer brewing kits may come with only the beer making ingredients and the instruction manual, leaving the user to buy the beer making equipment separately, from somewhere else. This is also useful for those who are regular beer brewers at home, as they already possess the equipment and only require the ingredients in the correct measure, for ease of use.

Beer Brewing Kit consists of –

Beer Equipment – The beer brewing kit may include all or some of the brewing equipment such as the brewpot, bottling bucket, primary fermenter, bottle capper, bottles, airlock, rubber stopper, bottle brush, thermometer, plastic hose, saucepan, bowl, mixing spoon, can opener, spatula and pot holders or oven mittens.

Beer Ingredients – These include the ingredients required for making a certain quantity of beer – for example 5 gallons of beer. The ingredients include cans of hopped malt extract, sachet of yeast for fermentation, campden tablets or campden powder to dechlorinate the brewing water, sanitizing solution, cleaner such as Oxyclean and sugar. It could be demerera sugar or any other variety.

Instruction Leaflet – This is the most important item of the kit. It gives a step-by-step instruction on how to carry out the process of brewing beer. It spells out the dos and don’ts of every step. It may also carry illustrations and pictures to explain the steps clearly.

How to Buy a Beer Brewing Kit

In order to buy a beer brewing kit one can check for the discount deals offered at brew supply stores and also the online stores. Surfing online before buying a kit helps to know the different contents in different kits on offer and also makes one aware of the numerous options available. One should choose a kit without equipment, if not a novice.

Popular Brands Selling Beer Equipment

  • KegWorks: They offer a variety of different beer brewing kits including beer equipment for home brewing.
  • Fox ValleyThey offer various beer brewing kits with or without equipment, and some of them have attractive ongoing discounts too.