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How to Clean an Oven Spillover

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Oven is an integral part of our kitchen appliances; hence, its cleanliness is very important. However, sometimes we tend to leave the spillover in the oven for quite a long time. This spillover turns stubborn and very difficult to clean if not attended at once.




Try this method to clean the oven spillover:

Mix five parts common salt and one part cinnamon powder, and pour this mixture on the spill. The salt will absorb the spill and at the same time the cinnamon will get rid of the burnt smoky smell. After the oven is cool, lift the salt mixture out and wipe the oven with a damp sponge.
This is a very simple yet useful procedure for oven cleaning. If you have any more useful ideas, do share with us. You guys are always welcome!



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How To Clean An Oven Spillover