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Latest Knife Block: Knife Thrower Knife Block

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Knife Thrower Knife Block – Creepy Kitchen Gadget!

This Knife Thrower Knife Block goes well with my Ex Voodoo Knife Set  However, Jeff is not appreciative of my creepy voodoo collection! This wooden knife block comes with 5 stainless steel razor sharp knives and each one is held safe in separate magnetic sheathes. That’s not all! The wooden board even rotates just to bring the circus-cum-ringmaster mood! This Knife Thrower Knife Block is on for sale.

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This is a very unique knife set, these types of items are things that I want to find to place on my website. I enjoy looking for, finding, and making available unigue kitchen gadgets. Thanks for the lead on some great funny kitchen items that will surely bring many funny conversations to the kitchen while preparing your meals.
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Latest Knife Block: Knife Thrower Knife Block