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Top 5 Advanced Kitchen Tools

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Top 5 Advanced Kitchen Tools are recommended by Derec Allen.

* Microplane/Zester: These tools are used for grating the veggies/fruits such as onion, garlic, peel of lemon/orange.
* Food Mill: Food Mill is used for super smooth mashed substances such as veggies.
* Anodized Aluminum Cookware: These cookware are used for acids such as vinegar, lemon, and tomatoes. They are oven safe cookwares.
* Mixing Bowl: Derec Allen prefers the stainless steel mixing bowl. These bowls are light in weight, durable, and are well adapted to wide range of temperature change.
* Kitchen Library: For each recipe, cooking techniques are stored in a stack of cookbook recipes, magazines, and other recipe sources.

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Know Your Essential Kitchen Tools
No kitchen is complete without these simple but essential kitchen tools. These tools not make your kitchen worth but also make work easy. Derek Allen will help to enlist them.

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Top 5 Advanced Kitchen Tools Video, Know Your Essential Kitchen Tools