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About Food Preparation and Cookware

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Ever wondered if you are on the right diet? Dr. Mercola talks about the ideal diet to follow and how to cook your food to get the beat possible nutrition out of it.

Raw food provides the most energy to the body and in the absence of raw food; organic or bio-dynamic food should be given preference. The cookware one uses to cook the food in one’s kitchen is very important.

• The majority of the kitchens in US make use of Teflon coated or non-stick cookware.
• These non-stick pots and pans are made of a polymer that vaporize from solid to gaseous from very slowly when heated on a regular basis (being of a volatile nature).
• Cooking in them thus releases gases of these polymers, which doubtless are harmful and in the winter these gases keep circulating in the house with the help of the central heating system, causing potential health risks.
• Metals like aluminum and stainless steel too give off and release toxic ions on heating.

So what is the ideal cookware to use to reduce these health risks? Dr. Mercola says that according to research ceramic is ideally suited to cook food in both health wise and convenience wise.

• It can withstand temperatures of u p to 2000 degrees (that melts most metals) and can then be plunged into water and still come out without a single crack.
• It is very strong and resistant to scratching or denting by utensils.
• It has a natural non-stick property and also stores heat in the body that further aids in cooking.
• It is very light weight.
• However it is brittle and has to be carefully handled.

With this information, you can now choose your cookware with ease. If you have non-stick and polymer coated cookware lying around, throw them out before they can cause any health problems.

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Cookware Talk
Cookware talk is the highlight of this video. What cookwares are essential for hassle free cooking. Well designed cookwares are one which adds style and trend to your kitchen.

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