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Knife Sharpening: How To Maintain Japanese Waterstones

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As foodies are as professional chefs we use our tools, our knives on a daily basis. One of the most important things to do with our knives is to maintain them and if that means tuning them up on a daily basis then we do it. With the advent and popularity of Japanese waterstones in the culinary and consumer markets the issue of maintaining knives still exists. At the same time there is a little known and little talked about issue of how to maintain one's Japanese waterstones. The way you maintain Japanese waterstones is through a process called lapping and radiusing. This video deals with how to maintain your Japanese waterstones with this process!

Richard Blaine explains how important it is to maintain not only knives but also the stone that are used in sharpening them. He explains how poorly maintained stones can lead to inconsistent sharpening. Come see this exquisite technique called Lapping to maintain Japanese Waterstones.

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Knife Sharpening: How To Maintain Japanese Waterstones Video