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Blood Pressure Monitors

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Patients with hard to manage high blood pressure, also called hypertension, or people with elevated blood glucose or blood sugar may want to go beyond the occasional monitoring of their numbers. Some hypertensive or diabetic persons will have their blood pressure taken or their blood glucose level, their glycemia, analyzed only when they visit their doctor. This is, of course, better than nothing. However it does provide only that one measurement and is valid for only that instant. Given that blood pressure or glycemia can vary wildly, that one reading may be actually higher than your average value for that time of day. It may also turn out to be lower than the real value. Regular and more frequent monitoring will provide instead a large set of numbers that enables you to compute an average value that is much more representative of your real average for either blood pressure or blood glucose. Of course, you don't have to go to your doctor to do that. Good blood pressure monitors and meters are available for home use. The way it used to be done was that the patient would have to record the value in a log book every time and sometimes do some computing and even draw some graphs. This being tedious, many were just giving up. Fortunately many of today's monitors and meters have memory features, but some can also be used with special health management software that can download the data directly from the monitoring machine and generate all kinds of relevant and useful reports and graphs. Some of the Omron, or A.N.D. Medical (LifeScan) monitors, The Roche Accu-Chek and The One Touch Ultra meters will let you do just that. Some machines can even measure cholesterol, ketone and triglycerides. Examples of such reports would be the daily blood pressure trend graph, the blood glucose trend graph and standard daily trend graph. Some can even identify patterns such as morning hypertension or derive relationships between your food intake, the types of foods you eat and your blood sugar levels. Of course it would be better if your doctor had access to this generous data that you have just collected. Some of those machines and software programs let you transmit the data directly to your doctor. This is accomplished using either Bluetooth technology and the Continua system, or by using the software special e-mail features. The reports can of course be printed and shared with your doctor at your next visit. While this requires a little bit of an effort, for people with hard to manage hypertension or blood sugar, the benefits of doing this may be substantial. Regular monitoring and systematic recording and reporting will provide a much more accurate assessment of the condition. That, in turn, may help a whole lot in designing a more efficient plan that will lead to a better and improved health.

Blood pressure is the force that blood creates when it pushes against the artery walls as it is pumped from the heart. If the pressure get s increased and stays high over a period of time, it can damage the body in various ways and can cause serious health problems. Therefore, determining pressure is important and why a good blood pressure monitor is necessary in maintaining proper health. Many of today's monitors and meters are loaded with all the essential features. Check out the video and get some more i

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