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Kitchen Essentials

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Here are some additional tips since I last wrote about Kitchen Essentials:

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- Blender - I think I have finally found a blender I like. I just recently purchased the Kitchen Aid blender that I found at Costco ($60) and it is so much quieter than the other ones I have had. I have not made chutney in it or ground dhal - which will be the real test. But, this certainly beats the Cuisinart that I had before.

- Pressure Cooker - My old pressure cookers (one from my mom that is probably 20 years old and another one from India) were put to rest. Both of them were aluminum and I have since been told that cooking in aluminium is not good. I guess the reaction of the metal and foods are not good for the body. I can't remember the specific scientific details so if anyone has them please feel free to comment. I also was told that many of the aluminum pressure cookers from India are made with lead - which obviously is not a good thing! So stainless steel is the way to go. I just bought a Fagor and so far it works wonderfully!

That's it for now. More later as I discover more essential gadgets.

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smiling blog...........
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Most important in your kitchen are great knives, quality knives that hold an edge!
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I agree.. the most important kitchen tool you need is a SHARP KNIFE! I love, love, love Ken Onion Shun Knives. They're Japanese and they hold their edge. You don't have to sharpen them in the first year you have them.. and I use my regularly and they can still cut paper. They're pretty pricey but if you're going to spend money on anything, a sharp, quality knife is worth it!! Don't go all gimeky on me and buy a garlic press or brown sugar clay block saver.. geez.:) -Jojo
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I so agree invest in quality knives like Global and even Kyocera which I also love. Why do you think chefs even carry their own knives everywhere they go? Most important kitchen tool there is a realllly good knife that feels good and is well balanced. I have top end Henkles, Global and Kyocera knives. The importance of hand fit and excelent blade is of the utmost importance. Remember you get what you pay for!
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Globals are nice. I use my 10in Chef's knife at school everyday... -Jojo
Kitchen Essentials