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Different Types of Gas Stove

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Standing pilot system gas stoveGas stoves are classified mainly on the basis of their design, size and also the way the flame is lit. In the earlier days few stoves had a standing pilot while others didn't have such a light, which distinguished one type from another. Today, there are different types available - the most common ones are explained below.


  • Standing pilot system:

This stove has a continuous flame just under the cooktop. As soon as the stove is on, the gas starts flowing from the burner. The main advantage is that these are very simple to use and total independent, as they are not dependent on any kind of outside power source.


  • Non pilot system:

These stoves were predominantly used in the earlier times. They were lit manually using a match. The main disadvantage of this system was that, if the stove was accidently left open, gas would leak out slowly and fill the room. Even with a small spark from a switch board could ignite the gas and cause fatal accidents.


  • Modern Ignited stove:

This is common is most households, especially in case of student accommodations. These are popular since they make use electric sparks to ignite the burners. It usually has a very interesting clicking sound, which is audible before the burner lights. The sparks are initiated by the turning on of the gas burner knob, which also helps in modulating the size of the flame. Autoignited gas stove for modern homes


  • Auto ignition:

This is a welcome refinement in the stove, which makes work easy and quite simple. The knob can be just turned on as per the size of flame. These stoves are safe, easy to clean, and reduce the chances of accidents.


Gas stoves are normally bought keeping in mind the number of members for whom cooking will be done and also as per the budget of the user.


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Different Types Of Gas Stove