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Different Types Of Microwave Oven

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Over the range microwave oven

Microwave ovens are classified on the basis of the method of cooking and cooking needs of the user. These ovens are bought as per the needs of the user, budget and the space available in the kitchen. Here is a simple guide to the different types of ovens available which shall help you to pick one as per your needs.


·        Over the range and countertop:

Over the range models are slightly more expensive and need professional installation. These are more suitable for large kitchens, since they occupy plenty of space. No wonder, these are more popular in restaurants and hotels rather than for domestic purposes. Countertops are perfect for households, since they do not need much of a space, are easy to install and simple to use.


·        Convection and non-convection:

Convection is a special feature of ovens which help in lowering total electricity consumed. These ovens have a special heating element and fat which helps in moving hot air inside the oven. Non convection ovens, do not have this additional feature, though the food cooked in both of these ovens are almost of the same taste.


·        Commercial ovens:

These ovens are specially designed for commercial business and restaurants. They are usually incredibly powerful and well-built because Commercial ovens for use in restaurantsthey need to stand up to extremely heavy use.


·        Built- in models:

These are specially designed microwave ovens which fit well excellently with your home décor. These need professional installation and are quite easy to use. These ovens are most commonly installed over the stoves or raised off the counter.


·        Grill ovens:

These ovens have a special grilling function which helps it to brown the food. The most commonly prepared foods in these ovens are grilled chicken, turkey, beef and sandwiches.


·        Combination ovens:

One of the most popular ovens which have a dual functions of grilling and convection. These ovens are best for preparing cookies, cakes, grilled dishes and gravies. Combination models are considered to be slightly complex and tough to handle due to their many functions.


·        Steam Ovens:

The entire oven is turned into a steaming unit which offers more space for cooking food, than in any type of regular steamer which uses the mode of steaming to cook food.

With so many types of microwave ovens to choose from, all you need to do is pick one oven as per your budget, needs and space available at your home.

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Different Types Of Microwave Oven