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Different Types of Solar Oven

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Solar ovenSolar ovens are generally classified as per their designs and use. One of the most common features of any type of oven is their shiny reflective surface which directs the rays of the sun which makes cooking easy. Here are the most common types of solar ovens.


  • Box ovens:

These are the most common type of oven which is available in rectangular and circular shapes. These ovens have an enclosed box which is covered by a plastic, glass or reflector and also insulation. These cookers are very suitable for slow and even cooking. Rice is commonly prepared in such an oven.


  • Parabolic ovens:


These ovens cook much quickly than the solar box cookers but are considered to be slight difficult for everyday use.  These  need precision cooking and usually focus on the use of sunlight on the cooking vessel. Temperature is usually watched so that the food does not get overheated.


  • Panel cookers:


These cookers have flat reflective panels that focus on sunlight for cooking. These are the most inexpensive cookers and are easiest to use. However, these are considered to be the most unstable, especially during high winds.  Vegetables are quite easily cooked in panel cookers.Solar ovens are specially good for slow cooking


  • Hybrid solar ovens:

These are equipped with a conventional electrical heating which is very useful during nighttime cooking and also during cloudy days. These cookers usually have an adjustable paraboloidal reflector which is suspended in a tripod and available with a movable grill surface.


Solar ovens usually involve slow cooking and are certainly not recommended when cooking is needed in a hurry.


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Different Types Of Solar Oven