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Different Types of Baking Pan

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Know more about the different types of baking pans

Baking pans are available in many varieties based on the purpose for which they are used. These pans vary not only in their size and shape but also in terms of the material with which they are made. Here is a quick glimpse of the various materials used in the making of baking pans.


Metallic pan:

These baking pans are normally made from tinned steel, carbon steel and aluminum. These metallic baking pans have a copper treated bottom section which is quite similar to copper coated pans and pots which are available. Metallic baking pans also have a non stick surface and are perfect for baking cakes.


Glass metallic pan:

These pans are made from tempered glass which conveniently holds to the long heat exposure in the oven. Glass baking pans are preferred by many since they allow even distribution of heat in the cooking process. These baking pans usually have a ridged baking surface in the pan. Metallic pans are perfect for cooking chicken or fish.



This type of baking pan is used in many cultures and to bake some specific kinds of food. Stoneware for baking is often preferred during the preparation of casserole.


Baking pans are also classified as per their shapes and include the following:

  • Square shape – These vary in depths and usually measure between 18-30 cm in length and breadth.
  • Round shape – These are round in shape and are used for the preparation of side dishes, appetizers and desserts.
  • Oblong – These are most commonly used in kitchens and use to bake fishes and vegetables.


Each of these baking pans are affordable and are readily available – in superstores as well as local markets.


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Different Types Of Baking Pan