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Different Types of Cooking Pot

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Common type of stock pot made from stainless steelCooking pots are available in different shapes and capacities which aid in their classification and further selection for cooking purpose. These  pots can be chosen as per the type of food being prepared, the mode of cooking and also the quantity of food which is being cooked. They can be considered as some of the most essential equipment required in a kitchen


  • Stock pot:

These range from 200qt pots to the commercial variety of pots. They have flat bottoms, tall sides and a thin surface. These pots are ideal for preparing crabs, shrimps, chowders and fish stews.


  • Saucepans:

Saucepans are higher than skillets and are mainly used for boiling vegetables, preparing graving, cooking pasta and for preparing spaghetti sauce. The 2 qt pans are also ideal for preparing pudding and hot cocoa.


  • Griddles and Skillets:

Cast iron skillets are popular for being cooking pots and if maintained well, this cookware can actually last for several years. Skillets can be used for cooking meat dishes.


  • Roasting pans:

One of the best cooking pots which help in the preparation of roasted items. These work best for cooking shanks of beef, lamb, pork and larger cuts of meats. Whole ducks and stuffed turkey can be prepared only in the roasting pans.


  • Wok:

Woks are perfect for preparing stir fried foods and were much in demand after stir fry cooking gained popularity. Stir-fried fish and chicken are perfectly prepared in a wok.


  • Double boiler:


Double boiler is used in the preparation of puddings and chocolate which is not possible in any other way of cooking. Puddings are easily prepared since they do not get scorched and melt easily and slowly.


Cooking tops make work easy and food tastier if they are appropriately used for the right kind of food preparation.


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Different Types Of Cooking Pot