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Different Types of Electric Stove

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Modern technology electric stoveElectric stoves can be classified as per the technology on which they work. There are many generations of such stoves, using various technologies which aid in the cooking process. Each generation  is a modernized version of the previous one and is a sure improvement, designed to be customer friendlier. Here are some of the main types of stoves which are available.


  • First technology:

These electric stoves made use of resistive heating coils which worked by heating the iron hotplates on which the pots were placed for cooking.


  • Second technology:

These stoves became popular from the 1970s when cooktops started becoming popular. Glass ceramic is known to have very low levels of thermal conductivity which allows infra red radiation to pass off very well. In such electrical stoves the cooktops usually get heated very fast and very little afterheat remains. The cooktops have a very smooth surface and are thought to be very easy to clean and very easy to use.


  • Third technology:

These electrical stoves are considered to be just perfect for all professional kitchens. However, in the recent times these stoves are having an increased demand among domestic users also. These are now known as induction stoves which make use of electromagnetic induction, thus requiring ferromagnetic bottom in pans and pots. Any kind of food cooks easily in these stoves which include rice, vegetables, chicken and other meat dishes.


With so many variations available in electric stoves, they are now considered to be very popular among urban and non urban users.


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Different Types Of Electric Stove