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Different Types of Kettle

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kettleKettles are available in many styles and sizes that are designed keeping in mind the purpose and place of utilization. They are basically categorized into 4 types. Here are some kettle buying options for you to consider.


  • Jug or traditional kettle:

Jug kettles are quite tall and usually have a handle at their side. These traditional kettles are round in shape and usually squat with its handle on the top section. These kettles are quite difficult to carry when they are full and plenty of effort is actually needed to support them from their sides. The main advantage of these traditional kettles is that very little quantity of water can also be boiled – even as little as a single cup of water. These traditional kettles are available with hinges and lids. If you choose to buy any of such jugs, you just need to check out if there are any sharp edges in the kettle before you buy one.


  • Electric kettle:

The most popular way to boil water in offices and homes is through the use of these electric kettles. Hot beverages like tea  can be prepared very easily with this electric kettle. Tea  prepared in this electric kettle is much tastier than that prepared in a microwave or saucepan. These kettles are easy to use and switch off automatically as soon as the water boils. This makes is popular than the stove stop kettles which need human interference.


  • Cordless kettle:

Cordless kettle is one which easily plugs in the mains. There is relief from connecting and disconnecting the flex, whenever the kettle is used. The main disadvantage of this kettle is that it is not possible to pour off anything from the kettle without lifting the kettle from its base. Moreover, kettle tipper cannot be used with the cordless kettles.


  • Plastic and Metallic kettles:

Metallic kettles are made from good quality metal while plastic kettles are prepared using plastic. However, metallic kettles are very expensive and tend to get hot quicker.


No matter what type of kettle is used, you need to remember that each one needs special maintenance or else it might malfunction soon.

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Different Types Of Kettle