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Different Types of Solar Cooker

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Learn more about the different types of solar cookersOne of the cleanest and cheapest ways of cooking food is to use a Solar cooker. There are basically three types of solar cookers which make use of solar energy that is available in abundance. In the recent times, these cookers are being promoted elaborately in different African countries and in countries like India and China where sunlight can be easily harnessed.


Various Kinds of Solar Cookers


  • Box Type :

These are the most widely used cookers which are mainly circular or rectangular in shape. They have an enclosed space where the raw food is kept. Food is cooked basically in two ways - the first way is by the use of concentrated sunrays which fall on the cooking vessel. The second method is through the black surface which is applied in the inner surface of the box, which helps in absorbing the sunrays and converts it into heat. This helps in the creation of a mini greenhouse effect. These cookers are very cheap, safe and quite convenient to cook rice, lentils and beans.


  • Panel type :

These are easiest to use and very cheap to use. These cookers have 4 panels that are covered with a useful reflective such as aluminum foil. Know about the different types of solar cookersSunlight which falls in these panels is reflected just towards the middle section of the box that is formed by the panels where the actual cooking vessel is kept. The food gets heated due to the presence of concentrated sunrays as the food gets cooked. Ordinary cardboard panels are used which have an aluminum foil wrapping, very similar to that which is found in cigarette packets.


  • Parabolic Type 

These have reflective metallic sheets which are joined together to make an umbrella like shape. As the sunrays falls on these metallic sheets, the energy gets concentrated in a very small area just where the cooking vessels are kept. The solar energy in this cooker is enormously concentrated – thus, giving them the opportunity of being one of the fastest kinds of solar cookers.


All solar cookers require a lot of precision design or else the solar energy does not get concentrated in a place and cooking does not take place evenly.


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Different Types Of Solar Cooker