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Different Types of Deep Fryer

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Different types of deep fryersDeep frying is a special technique of cooking which involves submersing of the particular food in very hot oil, with the use of special equipment, known as deep fryers. There are several types of such fryers available which are chosen as per the quantity of food required to be fried as well as the location of cooking.


Large saucepan:

This is the traditional home deep fryer which is basically a pan, with a metallic basket placed inside for deep frying. Oil is slow heated on the stove and temperature is monitored while frying takes place.'


Electric countertop deep fryer:

These have a built in thermostat which helps to measure the temperature automatically. These fryers can be used indoors for regular frying and also for  frying chicken, lamb and turkey in outdoor parties. These fryers have oil filtration systems and exteriors which do not get heated easily.


Propane deep fryer:

These are basically very useful for outdoor cooking and in large quantities. These include large deep fryers used in barbecues, outdoor fish fryers and also turkey deep fryers.


Commercial deep fryers:

As the name implies, these are basically used for commercial purposes and used mainly in restaurants. These large commercial fryers make use of gas and usually have a filtration system or more than one basket for frying purpose. These can be used in frying multiple batches of foods such as vegetables and pork.


Deep fryers can be bought after considering the quantity of food which is to be fried and also the frequency of their use.


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Different Types Of Deep Fryer