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Different Types of Refrigerator

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Top freezer refrigerator

The choice of refrigerators  depends on the kind of utilization, storing space and also the number of people who will be using it. If you are thinking about buying one, you have several options to choose from. Here are some common types of refrigerators, but be sure that you pick up a model that fits well in your kitchen and serves your purpose too.


  • Top freezer refrigerators:

One of the most traditional types and can be considered to be the earliest ones. These are usually between 30-33 inches and have a capacity of 22 cubic foot. The shelves are very wide and the back sections are easily reachable too.


  • Bottom freezer refrigerators:

One of the fast selling refrigerators which are available with two narrow door models, French door models, in four door models and also with an extra drawer between the freezer drawer and the two door fridge.  These are popular for being the eye-level refrigerator.


  • Side by side refrigerators:

A unique designed refrigerator which has full length split which places the freezer on a side and the refrigerator on the other side. These Side by side refrigeratorrefrigerators are available with temperature controlled bins, rapid ice making cycles, and through the door ice and water dispensers. The narrow doors make them completely suitable for tight and less spacious kitchens.


  • Built in refrigerators:

One of the expensive models which have built in bottom freezer, French door, and also four door configurations. These have capacities of 25 cubic feet, though 70% of the space is just usable. The main advantage of these refrigerators is their sleek look which makes them perfect for small kitchens.


  • Cabinet depth refrigerators:

Interesting refrigerators which are usually shallow freestanding and available at far less prices.These refrigerators have bottom freezers, French door models and side by sides with a claimed capacity of 20 feet.


  • Refrigerator drawers:

One of the trendiest refrigerators considered to be very suitable for all those kitchens which do not have enough space for big refrigerators.


Do not forget to keep in mind the depth, height and width of the refrigerator as there are a huge variety of refrigerators, in case you are buying a refrigerator for the first time.


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Different Types Of Refrigerator